New to linux (ubuntu)

Hi there guys i'm very new to linux and and reaching out for some help. so far i have installed gnome 3 and really want to customize my desk top like this one here ( i love the look and feel of it. so far im having trouble installing flat studio dark. and the tool cinnamon ( the tool bar that shows up at the bottom of the screen of not showing up after the install process. i would love to hear your guys feed back and help to create my desktop and have all the best features, extinctions, addons, etc. i would love to have help from you guys. remember this is almost my first time using linux ubuntu so i'm very new to everything. thank you guys! :D

Cinnamon is it's own desktop environment, separate to gnome. You have to log out, change the session to cinnamon and then log back in to use it.

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I am a bit confused. Do you have GNOME 3 installed or Cinnamon?

I was looking at a web site saying that cinnamon was a par of gnome, though i think i must be miss taken i want to use gnome it looks amazing and fluid. what my goal here is to have some help to set up linux in gnome similar to how Logan had it in his video and go beyond that and have some help setting up every thing. like i installed gnome 3 and i don't have the tweak tool for some reason. i don't under stand linux at all so i am very lost.

O okay what made me think that is that in a post online saying something about it being apart of it. though when I go to the place to switch that in the user log in only gnome 3 and unity show up. And i dont have a tweak tool of gnome 3 either, is that normal for that to happen? also I i want to use gnome as my normal driver it looks amazing and fluid. what my goal here is to have some help to set up linux in gnome similar to how Logan had it in his video and go beyond that and have some help setting up every thing even ferther like more in depth things i can do to customize and make to my liking. l i don't under stand linux at all so i am very lost, in all this i'm very new.

Switch to GNOME 3 at log-in screen. That will boot you into GNOME 3 desktop. You will know that you have GNOME 3 by the black bar at the top of the screen with day and time at the center of the bar. Press the "Windows Key" on your keyboard and type into the search bar, just under the black bar, "Tweak Tool".

okay so i tried that and it doesnt show up, is there a way i could just download that spasific tool?


That's a link by the way.

yeah just search for gnome tweak in the package manager and it should show up. Sounds like if you installed cinnamon then it didn't install properly. It used to be based on gnome but now it's it's own thing. Either way you can't use the cinnamon task bar in gnome as far as I know.

okay so when ever i go to the page there is now download for the tool just a download for the ubuntu desktop

okay so i cant find gnome's tweak tool in the finder is there a way i can download the tool speretly or some thing like that

In ubuntu software centre, or whatever the package manager is called in ubuntu, search for gnome tweak tool and you should be able to install it.

okay that is installing as i type this. so next there is a theme i want to install called flat studio dark. and also ever thing is very choppy how and i fix that as well, to make it smooth and fliud like in logan's video how every thing flowed quickly and fast.

okay so i ended up installing it through the app place thing. now how would i install the flat studio dark theme. and also how would i make make my system look and be as fast as Logan's

Go here:

and download the flat studio files (compressed file). Then extract the contents of the file in the folder called .themes in your home folder and thats it. The option should then appear in the gnome tweak tool. .themes is a hidden folder so you might have to reveal it from the view options.

If you do not have a .themes folder in your home then copy the the flatstudio folders in usr/share/themes and again it should appear on the tweak tool. Mind you you have to be root or use sudo to copy stuff on this folder.

Also about the speed thing...Basically spend as much money as Logan has on his rig.

awesome im trying it out right now. i thought as much for Logan's rig it adds up perfectly. hopefully ill get some kind of upgrade soon it will be nice and snappy. ill let you know what happen with the theme though. also i looked at my disk space when i'm running the image in VM ware. it takes up 100% of that disk space. is there any way i can fix that, i think that is the problem i am having with speed and what not.

i cant find the usr/share/themes folder any where i looked in the gui, the terminal and the search menu as well. how can i find this folder?

Open the file browser go to 'file system' and you should see the usr directory. Or open the terminal and type cd /usr/share/themes

so i had to go through the terminal i can find it in the GUI but i am not sure what to do at this point i typed it in and i have gotten /usr/share/themes$ and a blank spase after that like its waiting for me to do something what do i do at this point

Simplest thing to do is to double click on it, then click extract and browse to /usr/share/themes. It will be there it will be under file system or computer or you can just type that in. Alternatively you could do this: (assuming it's a .tar.gz file) copy it to your desktop and open a terminal. type 'cd Desktop' (linux is case sensitive so Desktop needs a capital D). After that type 'tar -zxvf name.of.file.tar.gz /usr/share/themes'. Where name.of.file.tar.gz is the name of the file you downloaded, you can type the first couple of letters and press tab and it will auto fill the rest of the file name.

If you do use those commands then obviously type them without the quotes.

Also if it says permision denied or something like that then type sudo at the beginning of the tar command, this will run the command as the super user. (so it will be sudo tar -zxvf etc.)