New to linux, GameBoy Raspberry Pi W, how to access roms folder?


I just built a DIY kit Gameboy + Raspberry Pi W, details here.
I installed EmuStation on the SD as per the tutorial, but now I can’t make it join a WiFi Network so I can access the storage, because it has no keyboard, only the keys you’d find on a gameboy (tried adding a USB OTG keyboard, but the cable can’t fit because it hits the PCB the raspberry PI is soldered onto by the GPIO.

Is there a simple way of accessing the storage by putting the sdcard in a laptop running linux and accessing its storage, maybe with something like gparted?
If I plug it in on a mac/windows, I only see the boot partition, and not the files for the retropie installation.

I ran out of ideas to access the roms folder…

You can use a virtual machine to mount the SD card and load all the ROMs. Or you can install Ext2FS for Windows. I used it some time ago for a project and it should work fine for your purpose.
Also you can try THIS method that’s on their Wiki page try and connect the emulator to the wifi. Then you just SFTP into it and load all the files you need.