New to Java code

I'm wanting to learn coding and thought Java would be a good place to start.  I'm wondering if anybody knows of a good IDE for Linux (as I recently installed Linux Mint on my laptop).  Also a good pdf or video series tutorial.  Any help would be appreciated.

for a good "noob" friendly tutorial i can recommend vswe courses, ( he also branches out to minecraft coding later on if you'd like that. Though i'm sure you should have no problem using what you've learned in something else.

for a IDE if you follow vswe courses, is the one used early on, and seems like a great tool for beginners, and Eclipse is a good one to use no matter what platform.

Please keep in mind that i'm not the most experienced with java coding so a second opinion would be good to concider. Also, most people recommend python to start with incase you haven't noticed :)

So when I started out learning Java (quite awhile ago), the best resource was the "official" java tutorial. I find its quite simple, if you can figure out Eclipse plenty fine (its pretty simple once you get a hang of it), the tutorial goes extremely smooth. is the Java trail. 

Thanks guys. I will check both of those out.

I have a couple IDE's which are all fantastic. It really depends on personal taste however.



and NetBeans


As for tutorials, check out these YouTuber's




and TheChernoProject


@Devon is correct about the "official" tutorials. That's really where I learned a lot of GUI stuff.

I'm not sure on PDF tutorials, but you can buy a book online. Just look 'em up.