New to building PCs need help!

Hello all of Tek Syndicate! Been a lurker for quite some time and have decided to sign up in hope of some assistance. I am aiming to build a PC designed towards gaming, livestreaming, and recording/editing. Simultaneously if possible for my budget. My budget is 670-700. I am well rounded when it comes to technology and computers but when it comes it finding parts and understanding what's best for what gets me overwhelmed. I am leaning more towards gaming than the livestreaming and recording aspect of things. Keep in mind I would be having to buy Windows 7 for this build. Thank you all for your time and hope you enjoy the world of Tek Syndicate! :)  $651

Should be decent for games, not too sure on how it will handle streaming/recording. With a 670-700 limit and including you want windows 7 and a disk drive for it you're already down to 570-600 for parts. Granted you could spend a bit more for a better hard drive and ram to help or a better gpu. I think intel would be better for the other tasks but they are more expensive so that means you will have to cut on other hardware; since you said gaming is priority i would  go with the amd. I'm new here so I guess let some of the more seasoned/knowledgeable guys pitch in also.

needs 2X4/8Gb SDRAM DDR3 dual channel memory kit, preferably >=1600Ghz