New to building a computer!($1200)

I have been around the concept of building my own computer for along time(I even do upgrades and help out my friends with theirs'). I want to build a computer for $1200 with everything including the os(windows) and monitor(I don't have one that isn't 10 years old and a huge box). I needs the system to be partly portable because I need it for LAN parties that me and some friends host in a rotation. I also prefer intel for this because it maybe used to stream at the same time or to render or edit videos or photos(I plan to have it under heavy loads all the time). I also when not in use for gaming or even during gaming would love to host a server from it such as Gmod or Minecraft. Thank you for reading and I can't wait to hear some suggestions.

You can build something like this:

would use a 280x/770 

240gB ssd(should still fit in budget)

too lazy for pcpartpciker

Very good start.  I added a closed loop liquid cooler because I'd be concerned about cooling in a small space.  I also added a monitor and changed out the memory for some cheaper Kingston modules.  Lastly, I upgraded the 760 to a 770.  -

I've got a Seidon 120V in mine and it works well.  H60s will also work just fine in this case.