New to bitcoin, is a 50 GH/S machine worth it?

Hi, I'm quite new to bitcoin, and I would like to get in on this mining. 

These ASIC bitcoin mining machines, how long time would it take to earn my $2500 back, if I decided to buy one? Once all of these machines hit the market, the difficulty of mining bitcoins would increase quite a lot over time, and the machine might become worthless if I'm not mistaken.


But could I make some money off of it in 2-3 years? I'd guess yes, but I'd like to hear you guys' opinions, as I'm new to all this.

I might also get a good deal from someone who pre-ordered one, but didn't want it afterall, so don't necessarily have to spend $2500 on it. 

They have not released a working model in the last 2 years they have been working on making ASIC miners.

Do not waste your money on something that doesn't exist.

Haven't their machines been on back order for months? Plus their CEO or ex-CEO was convicted on finiacal crimes or something like that?


Plus Bitcoin could crash back down to less then 20 dollars a bitcoin too. Theres no denying its a unstable currancy. The good news is more websites are starting to take it but not any major ones.

Pretty much it's a scam, so no.

Yeah, money embezzlement and fraud.

On there website in the FAQ section under how much power does the machine use it says they are not releasing those details at this time. Know I don't know if they have and just haven't updated it don't really care its not worth it in my opinion but if it uses 1000w or more than the amount of money you would make would be small especially at the price it is at as of the time writing this $55 a BTC. And as the mining difficulty increases you make less and less until you are lose hundreds of dollars maybe more a month in power.