New to anime

My ex introduced me to anime and manga and since we broke up idk what to watchni have watched just a few shows mostly just Bleach but I want MOAR and idk what to watch...

Man i wish i were you, there are so many good series to watch (that i've already seen :/) i'm at work now but i'll make a comprehensive list when i get home. Some series are kinda mainstream and obvious. A lot of people will recommend Sword art Online and Attack on Titan. They're good series and are directed towards a broad audience i think you'll like them :>

I usually use as my main source of streaming animeseason, is a lot smaller but has better quality streams. Animeultima is a big site too. Animeshippuuden(changed name to animeshi) is so damn Addinfested i rarely go there, they do provide decent mobile streams though. I consume so much series i can't be arsed downloading them ^^. Don't forget to turn addblock off when you watch, we need to support these people and some streams won't work at all unless turned off.

Cowboy Bebop

Start with the classics.

Also, Anything ghost in the shell.

Awesome thanks I just watched Dragon Ball z for the first time that was awesome first 2 episodes. My pops was in the military and we moved around a lot but yeah 22 and discovering anime :p

Here are a few Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto,Chrome Shelled Regios,Death Note,Monster,Mushibugyou,Pumpkin Scissors,jormungand..

Here is my list if you want to dig through it..Link HERE..

"Death Note" and "Black Lagoon" those are really good ones, imho. You can start watching Naruto too if you liked Bleach.


If you can handle insane amounts of depression, gore, and darkness, I can recommend Elfen Lied. Also I recommend Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Hellsing OVA. Plenty of other great anime's of course (If your looking for great anime movies, I would like to mention Vampire Hunter D (original 1985) and Blackjack.

Awesome it seems I have a lot to get into.  To be 100% honest I always thought it was stupid as all he11 before I watched them, but now I can't get enough it seems that when I am in my office at work I am watching shows now other than working :p that clients gonna be pissed when the building comes out looking like a space craft........ 

Why has no one recommended Full Metal Alchemist?!? That is a must watch. both the original series and Brotherhood. Soo good. Gurren Lagann and Soul Eater are also VERY good Animes.

Steins;Gate, the ultimate "geek's anime." Love this show to death, you should also buy the visual novel which is slated to come out in English early-2014.

Code Geass, THE power fantasy show, Jun Fukuyama at his best

Clannad (and After Story).  What can I say, the only anime that has made me cry.

Spice and Wolf.  An intriguing story surrounding mythology and economics, too bad it doesn't seem to be popular enough to warrant more screentime, luckily the translated novels are doing well in the US.

Macross.  Never mistaken this for Robotech, I wholeheartedly think Macross > Gundam.  You can start with Macross Frontier but the backstory might be confusing, if so watch SDF Macross first before anything else.

Chihayafuru.  Never would've thought they could make Karuta interesting, honorable mention of Saki, which somehow makes mahjong electric.

Kemono no Souja Erin. A series that explores the differences between man and beast, the anime is plagued by repeated scenes due to the director's foolish idea of making it a 4-season show, but I digress.

My advice to you is, watch anything you want to watch.  We can always tell you what's good but you should be able to discern what you feel is good yourself as well.  Everyone's taste is different, it's pretty apparent that I enjoy dialogue-heavy anime as opposed to action heavy.

Here is a list of things i wished someone told me before i started watching Anime

- Skip Dub watch Sub instead

- If you want the best experience Learn Japanese, `In most cases subs are inaccurate`

- Join a Anime forum like Crunchyroll,

- If you want to watch a Anime, watch it on Crunchyroll or buy the Goddamn!!! Disc. ~Support the people who made it~

- Avoid Pirating

- In some cases the Manga/Visual Novel are better than its Anime. Ex - Gantz (Read the Manga - its way better than its Anime)

- Start listening to Podtaku (they are Otaku Guru's and they are 'Hilarious')

- Lastly, head over to, Sign up and click on 'Explore' and begin your journey.

and Welcome to one of the best forms of Entertainment on this Planet!

If your going to watch Stein:Gate (which is one of the best Anime out there) skip the Anime and read the Visual Novel instead because compared to  the Visual Novel the Anime SUCKS.


Edit : Guess this was more of an Introduction rather than a list of 'What Anime to watch' but your new to this form Entertainment so i will guess this is much better.


Yes! Elfen Lied is awesome, tho as said, only if you can handle the depression and gore etc.

Sword art Online(Art work and Storyine). Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann(Dat Artwork and just sheer badassery), 

Also, If you have a lot of free time, Pick up the .hack series and try out the games.

Awesome ty :) I'll head over there when I get the chance :D

I wouldn't say anything GitS.  Some of the earlier movies and Stand Alone Complex are good.  2nd Gig was stretching it a bit.  SSS and stuff since then are just not that good.

That's a long series.  If you're still in the process of watching it, let me save you some time and tell you that it's OK to stop once the giant, pink marshmallow monster shows up.  The series gets kinda bland from that point on.  That said, Dragonball is hilarious.

Well, I'll throw in PlanetES (I enjoyed the series), and I also enjoyed Full Metal Panic.

If Elfen Lied is a little too heavy for you, then Kaiji is a great, if extremely slow-paced, anime series.

Let's see... Some shows I've watched and liked...

Hunter x Hunter (2011 version).  Kinda shonen, but deceptively dark in tone.

Gargantia on the Verduous Planet, recently ended.

Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals, better than the main series by so much.

Girls und Panzer, kinda bizarre and awesome.

Read or Die, OVA's are great and can be viewed in succession like a kinda long movie, the TV series is also pretty good IMO.

Kids on the Slope, Probably the best anime last year.

Baccano!, it's a little hard to follow, but the story is told in a really interesting way and it all ties together in the end really well.

Tatami Galaxy, it's absurdly hard to follow, but the ending is freaking amazing.

this is a great site for anime