NEW Titan X

So... Titan X

Clocks arnt that high compared to 1070/80 but... dem Cuda Cores

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$1200 dollars tho....


looks overpriced to hell also but new titan X or something so people know its the new one in the title

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Yeah, always the way with Titan cards, I am sure the 1080ti will be just as good for much less as it always has been

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$1200 and no HBM2? Dafuck is this nvidia?

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they dont have enough HBM2 for there massive gpu arrays so new consumer titan does not get it. plain and simple. plus would scuttle 1080 sales to nothing.

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Its not just about them not having hbm2 yet. Hbm2 is still very new, expensive, and uncommon. Its about them charging 200 more than for its 3 predecessors... Probably even more in eu. And theyll probably get away with it too because some people will be too impatient to wait for the 1080 ti (or whatever the smaller gp102 will be called) and buy this new titan x.
Now not to go off topic but Im wondering how amd is supposed to compete with this. This card is probably about 30% faster than the 1080 and they dont even have a competitor for that one (though the fury x might get pretty close in vulkan games but i dont think there are any other than doom)

well we dont really know how fast vega is it may be more powerful then the 1080 or it may not we dont know until we see them

It will be 800-900... just abandon all hope now

Three days ago in the Nvidia marketing department...

"So, we have the next card ready to launch. It's better than the 1080..."
"Well, Titan X worked pretty well last time. Let's try that again!"
"Great thinking! We can sell it for more now too!"

I'm convinced they took the last cards and just repaired them and put them back out.

Agree with everything you said, but I don;t think people can base an argument of the fury X or in fact any AMD card being as good on a certain API in a certain game in certain conditions, need to look at the bigger picture, for people who have money to spend AMD dont compete on any level

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be embarrassing when AMD's new flagship card is outclassed in every way then wont it?

Fanboy all you like, AMD did a refresh first and took flak. I'm shocked no one is beating an eye towards nvidia for doing the same fucking thing.


Thats basically what I was trying to say. Amds problem is that they focus too much on the future instead of looking at the situation at launch. The fury x got amazing improvements with vulkan and dx12 but thats only because the dx11 performance wasnt nearly as good as it should be for a card of that caliber. And while the fury x might catch up to the 1080 a little more but by then it wont be relevant. As you said, you shouldnt bet on apis.


The same way the 390 and 380 were still kicking the ass of the 970 and 960 and the NVidia cards only sold better cause people thought rebrands = bad when those GPUs were still better for the same price. The same way the Fury and sometimes the 390X even was beating out a GTX 980, yes, embarrassing indeed. New cards losing even to 2nd-degree rebrands.

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I only just got my first Nvidia card 3 days ago, get over yourself, the difference is, Nvidia if that is what they are doing, are still the market leaders by a fucking country mile. AMD are about as relevant as last weeks newspaper

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