New Tech for IOMMU Users: Looking Glass (Headless Passthrough) | Level One Techs

What is passthrough? It is where you run a virtual machine and pass through a hardware graphics card to the virtual machine. This lets you run Windows on Linux, with full GPU acceleration.

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:slight_smile: props… looking forward to beta.

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Very interesting.

Noob question: Of course when closing the vm every thing is gone, I think. Is there something that make it possible to resume where i left off like saving os files on hhd then fetch it later.

No, usually anything you save is persisted in your virtual hard drive image, unless you specifically set your vm up to not keep any changes. You can also map network shares from your host to easily share files between host and guest.

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Thank you.

@wendell you mentioned that you had a GTX1060 as host GPU but kernel v4.15. Did you need to setup nvidia drivers at all? if so, how did you go about that?

Thanks jeff :slight_smile:

Also just leaving this here:

also oh my god I didn’t know you were the same guy with the Kodi AudioEngine :man_facepalming: