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New System - TR 1920x CPU code 00 - will not post


Hi there. I bought some new parts and trying to get them to play nicely. I’m trying to get a Threadripper 1920x to work with an Aorus X399 Pro motherboard, and would appreciate your thoughts. When booting, a bunch of different codes will flash, but it hangs at Code 00 - which indicates a CPU issue - and will not post. I am using 4x16G Gskill Trident Z Ram (admittedly my exact flavor was NOT on the QVL list) - when I get home from work I will attempt to try booting again with only 1-2 sticks of ram instead of all 4, and also trying different ram…but would this even be contributing to a 00 - CPU error code?

I tested the heat output of the CPU by taking off the heatsink and aiming a heat gun at the heatspreader of the CPU itself…when I turned on the system, it only increased in temp by ~2-3 degrees C. Found that to be very odd since TR is supposed to run hot. I don’t know if this motherboard has some sort of smart “I won’t actually cook this CPU until I post” safety feature. But at least I know the processor is responding to power increase…

I also am not 100% sure if it is a socket seating-type issue. The installation seems straightforward enough, but getting the chip to actually line up correctly has been a problem for others (from what I understand). Seems like TR is suuuper finicky when it comes to that.

At this point I am trying to figure out if the issue is a faulty Mobo socket or a faulty CPU. I have no way of testing either the CPU + Motherboard by itself using different known good parts (I lack those parts). What have your experiences been, and what might I try next in the troubleshooting process? Thanks!


I would start with re-seating the cpu.
TR4 socket seating issues are pretty common depending if you have the lotus or the foxconn socket.
I would definitely start from here wenn it comes to troubleshooting this issue.
Double check the socket for any damaged pins etc.

Also double check cpu power connectors.


TR4 socket seating issues are pretty common depending if you have the lotus or the foxconn socket.

Foxconn for me, I believe. Yep, you were right. I reseated the CPU veeeerrryyy carefully, and apparently TR comes with a torx screwdriver (and it clicks after you’ve used the correct amount of force to tighten the assembly! What in the world) Once I did that, it booted right up. I guess apparently these threadrippers are suuuuper picky about how much force you use to tighten them down, as well as having cold boot issues, etc. (maybe that depends more on the Mobo, not sure).

In any case, thanks for your input!


Glad you got it working.

Yup the famous foxconn socket.