New system for running game servers

Hey guys and gals,

I am currently working on putting together a computer to run some game servers and maybe use as a file server as well at some point. I have all the parts except in waiting for the motherboard to be shipped and I wanted to know what you guys think. I didn't want to spend a lot and wanted either an mitx or matx system. Initially I will just be running a server for Ark: Survival Evolved. Here is the spec list

CPU: Pentium G3260
Mobo:MSI z97M
RAM: 16gb ddr3 1600mhz
SSD: ocz agility 3 128gb (for OS and game server)
I have a few options for graphics cards, 2gb Gtx 550ti reference cooler, 1gb 560ti twin frozen, a zotac 4gb Gtx 620, which would be best?
Cpu cooler: Hyper 212 evo

What do you guys think about this? I have Verizon FiOS 75mb up and down with cat 7 in my whole house. Any suggestions on the video card? I may have a few others in my house I'll check when I get home but they will ask be around that type (a bit older mid to low end cards)

For a game server the integrated graphics on the Pentium would be fine if thats all that is doing is that and file hosting. Also for a gaming server, more ram never hurts! Also, if yuo do want to make this a file server with a gaming server Id move to 32 gigs of ram but thats just me. Best of luck!

I'd bump up the CPU not the RAM but your right about the GPU. You don't need any more than the most basic to get a display (so onboard is fine!) as the game servers aren't doing graphical tasks.

I used to run servers (and still plan to) for Gmod and minecraft and one, faster core is better that more slower cores for servers. If he takes that pentium and overclocks it a bit, it'll be a beast.