New suggestion to help prevent spammers (Reply ASAP please and thank you)

Alrighty. New suggestion incoming. For the people who do post actual blogs, like me. Would it be possible to do a cell phone verification process for people that don't want to do the catpcha's. I can barely read them. LOL I litterally have to squint and put my face right on my monitor like I was making out with it. This is just a suggestion. or do a 3 way verification process. One for a social media, 2 emails and a phone number.

That is pretty intensive for a simple blog post. Maybe an email and Captcha, email and phone, or phone and captcha, but not all 3.


I think the easier one would be email and phone.

Thought I'd mention this:

Not everyone has a cell phone or the ability to send/receive text messages.

Right on that. I'll try to improve on this idea. This is where google voice would come in though for people who can't get/receive text messages

Most of the spam we see on blog site are from new fake generated accounts.

That coupled with the new XP feature- we could make posting a blog have a requirement of xvalue of XP.

At least 50 XP to make a blog post?

here's an idea, random tek syndicate related question

nothing to obscure, but it'd be interesting

could be as simple as "how many monitors are behind logan?" 3, "what time is it?" rant:30


  • 2XP per comment
  • 5XP per post


I kinda like this idea.