New SSD and win 8

Hey guys,

So this is probably a sort of stupid question, and it is different from the suggested ones I'm seeing. There are some SSD's on sale, a Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 520MB/s Internal Solid State Drive, and I have an EVO 128 GB SSD.

The Problem is that I installed the disc copy of win 8 I have on to the 128 GB SSD. So if I buy the 500 GB SSD, I am no longer able to use that win 8 CD correct? Or does that only apply if I were getting a new mobo?


I'm not 100% sure but I believe you would need to swap the motherboard for the cd key to no longer work so you should be good I would suggest a fresh install none of that transferring from one drive to another.

Just clone your ssd then expand your partition.

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I wasn't planning on transferring anything over. Whatever pictures and video files I have are on an HDD I have from a pre built computer I bought. That HDD is hooked up so that's where my games and recordings go.

All I want to know is if I can use the same copy of win 8 for the 500 GB SSD as I did with the 128 SSD. I probably won't get the free upgrade to win 10, but oh well.

The key will still work, and it should still be eligable for the free upgrade too. Iirc windows generally allows like 5 activations on the same hardware through the control panel, before having to ring the activation number.

yes...going to a bigger drive is easy.

And changing drives does not invalidate windows from what I have seen. Motherboard swaps does,

Another option would be: do the upgrade to Windows 10 on the old ssd then just do a fresh win 10 on new SSD that way the software gets activated "properly."

Recently did the same thing. Moving my old Win 7 machine to Win10 then install new ssd and reinstall OS.

I didn't have any activation problems. Other stupid Windows issues sure but activation wasn't a impediment.