New Skyrim DLC! Dragonborn

Bethesda officially announced their latest DLC for the game that keeps on giving today. The "Dragonborn" DLC seems to add a whole unforseen load of new features including but not limited to:


Dragon Riding

New teir of weapons (correct me if I'm wrong)

New storyline

Please remember these are only things revealed in the trailer and there may be much more in the final DLC. No more onformation has been released.

And yet another xbox exclusive for an unknown amount of time. Sigh.

This was my first thought why Bethesda does this, when everyone with a PC copy immediately put up their take our money now sign up, is a mystery.

Eh, it is what it is.

I'm patient.

looked fps deadly and glitchy and why people use xbox 360 for anything besides halo i will never know gah

I won't support a complany for shit like exlcusives, unless it's dirt cheap.