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New Side Monitor


I am looking for new Monitors. At the Moment i use a Ultrawide (Acer Predator X34P) and two little Monitors on each side. Now i want to upgrade the side Monitors.

What i need:
-vertical resolution of 1440
-the same hight as the main one. 34cm/14″ hight. that should be 27’’ if math is right
-vesa 100*100

what i want:
-Predator brand (since the main one is also predator)

the want stuff is negotiable the need not since it has to fit in my setup.
of course it should be as cheap as possible but i am willing to pay the price for a good Equipment, but its just a side monitor so i dont need to go overboard.
Thank you for your time.
greatings Brausedealer

p.s.: please excuse my bad english. not a native speaker


If you want Predator branding it will be very expensive at €539 each,

Skipping the Predator branding, but keeping the 100Hz+ would bring it down to €399 each,

Without Predator or 100Hz+, but having a nice IPS panel would bring it even further down to €296,80 each,

My opinion is that if you don’t need Predator branding or high refresh rate then the Iiyama for €296,80 is the better choice. Being an IPS monitor it will have minimal color shift when viewing from an angle, which may be nice since they would be the side monitors.


Thanks four your quick answer. It is as always on point.
do you have good experience with liyama, since you recommend it twice?

I forgot to mention i play Eve Online so i use the Side monitors aswell for gaming.


I have never personally used Iiyama since they are uncommon in North America, but I have heard from other people around the world that Iiyama is a decent brand.