New security video please!

I know that at this point there are a lot of questions on what really is and is not secure; however, I would still really appreciate some of the best practices to date. ATM I am on a WPA2 College Campus WiFi network and when I need to check banking stuff I would really like a safe way to do it. 


  1. Tor
  2. I2P
  3. VPN(free or paid)
  4. VPS 
  5. SSL encryption enabled on page
  6. Checking to see if HTTPS is enabled 

You are pretty much safe just having HTTPS enabled on the webpages you do banking on which is on by default.

chances are your campus is using AP isolation as well as an enterprise authenticated wpa2 (such as peap with mschap v2). aka, its damn secure. but... if you are tinfoil hat about people snooping your traffic. 


get a cheap vps, and set up an ssh. tunnel all your traffic though said ssh

the nsa has backdoor access to all your favorite programs, its no use. just dont use the internet.