New samsung superbowl ad is a direct attack on patent system

This new ad is a clear attack on the patent system and the apple lawsuits and patent trolls. I love it. Good work samsung. Definitely brining this issue to the more public eye. 

Oh, that is just awesome. Love it.

:) that was good


Apple fans won't get it

They don't deserve to get it lol

LOL what a commercial, so many of them are horrible.

This is pretty awesome.

lol well played

that was amazing.

lol now that's and advert

very well played samsung! i like it

  We here all love this add because we understand what is going on. My only concern is that there is the vast shallow end of the gene pool out there that just won’t get it. This is one of those times that I really hope I am wrong and perhaps a few people out there might get off of the sofa and look this up. It really would be great if it caused a real stir in the social media crowd.

Yeah.....Average Joe is gonna think this is stupid. They'll wonder where Danica Patricks man titties are.

LOL the best SB commercial I have seen. And I watch the SB every year

Lol, nice one :)