New ryzen 1600x build unstable

Hi guys hope someone here might be able to help. I just upgraded my old Intel system with a new 1600x, 8 GB (2 x 4GB) corsair 3000mhz Ram, and an asrock Ab350 Pro 4, after installing everything and first boot I checked Bios was latest version and it is. Turned on xmp for the Ram and it fails to boot. 2933, nothing, even 2133 xmp won’t boot. After a cmos clear it boots back with auto settings but windows is really unstable.

do not use xmp. I have 1600x and msi b350 tomahwak. It has always caused me issues. Go into bios and set ddr4 speed manually. Check your timings and everything should work

I don’t see an option in the Bios for custom ram speed, I can only change timings. :confused:

This. xmp is an intel ram profile and most likely won’t work with amd. You should be able to set the speed yourself, (the overall speed, not talking about timings) in bios. Are your ram on the QVL list of your motherboard? (on the manufacturers page, under support and downloads there should be a QVL list where you can check if the ram is supported on that motherboard)

I literally have another computer set up with identical hardware, except its a 1600 instead of the 1600x and it’s been running for a month just fine
Not sure if that will help possibly have to turn off xmp and reboot before trying. These bios seem to hide things in sub menus

the beauty of computers what works on one does not always work on another


Try 1 ram slot at a time and see if it works, if not change the slot, if it still doesn’t work try the other ram module. Still doesnt work? Try checking smart settings of your harddrives, do they make a clicking noise?

Still nothing, try swapping the psu’s between systems and see how that goes.

Still nothing? Reseat cpu and make sure it seated properly, both cooler and cpu

Hmm I can live with the slower ram speed just fine, but not the consistent crashes. Gonna reset Windows to factory and see if that helps. All hardware seated fine

I have this cpu + msi board and forever it wouldn’t run corsair 3000 cl15 at more than 2400 cl14
Double check your bios version on the website.
Ive got the update from when the 2200g and 2400g came out and its now sat pretty at 2933 and iirc there are 2 xmp profiles on these sticks so you night need to try the second profile.
I haven’t updated the bios since I got it how I wanted it but I would have expected the 2000 ryzen updates to add even more ram to the qvl so its strange.

I also have a 1500x and an asrock board ab350m and the qvl list is short af. ive got 2x4gb gskill 2800 cl15 that wont go above 2666 still to this day so just double check the qvl on the mb web page