New Router Suggestion

I wonder if it is OK for me to ask about a router for my needs.
I am (UK) using cable Virgin Media HUB 3 which I have read is “not good” so was looking for a cheap router for just 1 wired PC connected to the internet, (using HUB 3 in Modem mode).
Cheaper the better and really no Wifi etc. needed. (sorry if this is not the correct place to ask!)

Thank you for any advice one which model to get.

Some cheap ISP routers have a control for the Wi-Fi speed- that’s not an option on your box is it? Lowering the speed might help.

I’m guessing (completely) it happens when your roomies come home, when cloud services are syncing…may be?

What exactly are you you looking for in a router? (Other than packets in out, nat DHCP DNS).

Mikrotik hAP ac^2 is good in general: speedy CPU, tons of tunables and features, if you excuse the wifi performance issues with the firmware that they’re apparently working on.

Google WiFi is good: simple, updates itself.

Netgear X4s R7800 is good: great OpenWRT/LEDE support, tons of features and really good performance for under $200.

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It’s just for me, with only my PC no Wifi, and connected via one Ethernet cable to my current HUB 3.0 ( which I have read is terribly slow (Puma6 intel I think it was I read)
And at the moment I have issues if viewing youtube and and game in the background, maybe discord etc. From what I have read the HUB 3 internals do a terrible job of prioritizing, or are very slow - I do not have the knowledge to describe, but there are many posts around complaining of the issues). Nearly every solution suggests to - Use HUB 3 in Modem mode and use a ‘proper’ router (better internals or faster Hardware or the like when compared to HUB 3.0).

I was hoping along the lines of 30-50 pounds at the most, as all I need is the one ethernet socket to my PC that will cover 100Mbit cable connection.
I could be out of luck though as it does seem everyone I contact lists me a gigabit wifi router, seems maybe they no longer make a simple but modern router.
Another solution I have read is to buy a used HUB 2.0 router which ISP Virgin Media no longer supply, which has better internals/faster cpu or something along those lines.

Thanks, as I am on a budgies budget I will continue with the HUB 3 for now, so it’s not a massive issue.

Thank you for the information and your time!
Here is the kind of things I have read about the HUB 3. “
@risk so getting a “” I can just plug that into the HUB 3 (HUB3 set to Modem Mode) and run my Ethernet cable from MikroTik (which will act as the router) to my PC , yep? Sorry for my lack on knowledge, just want to make sure I do it get it right first time :slight_smile:
Thank you.

Basically, yes.

If you wanted to do some kind of prioritization and bandwidth sharing and applying policies for different clients, that’d require some basic networking understanding and following documentation.

You could enable modem mode on the hub 3 and connect your computer directly to the modem and see how that works out for you.

Having a router in between is only necessary if you want to connect multiple devices.

Connecting to the internet is generally safe if you’re not running any network facing services on the machine, and even then, that should be safe as your computer (presumably running windows) should activate its firewall as if it were on a “public” network and not have file/desktop sharing ports open.

btw, I’m here in Ireland on virgin media, and have the same cable modem / hub, mine’s white instead of dark grey, but it looks the same, … I’ve been using it in modem mode from day one and never noticed any issues due to the modem… I’ve been having issues with the ISP once in a while, … internet stopping entirely, then coming back with horrible latencies and a weird IP address and 20Mbps throughput, … and then fixing itself, but it’s been perfectly fine most of the time.

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Thanks for your help. Yep, I’m not comfortable with me being able to make Windows 10 secure on that mode of directly connecting.
I will search for that router and pick one up when my budget allows or until, I guess until HUB 4 comes out, which virgin media forum discussion will be faster internals/routing etc. ( I guess )
Once again, thank you for your time and insight.

Stay groovey!

Try looking at Ubiquiti, one in specific is the EdgeRouter Lite. It sounds like it’s a good fit for your situation. I recently just bought one of it’s bigger brothers to go into the core my my network, it is replacing a EdgeRouter PoE.

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