New router for 50 or more users . Any suggestions ? Thanks

Hellou Im looking for new router for my company for 50 users at wifi , any suggestions ? I cant decide what really will work. thanks for help

Custom Box with PFsense or OPNsense and an network of Ubiquity accesspoint according to your needs.

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I'd say go with a Ubiquiti edgerouter lite and a few UAP-AC LRs.

Any information on what the users will be doing and the physical characteristics of your office environment would be helpful too.

Is every user going to be streaming HD video at once or is each user's bandwidth requirements fairly low?
Do you have the ability to spread the load across 2.4 and 5GHz or are most of the wireless clients in your office single-band?
Do some or all of the wireless devices you use support 802.11 ac or just b/g/n?
What is the size of your office building? Is it multiple stories? How far are user's spread apart in the building?

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I agree with Ubiqiti products.

Get a buch of and install at needed locations.

Their software is stable and nice to use.

I'd go Cisco if you or someone you know is certified for the AP's and the router. You should be able to get a Cisco wireless G access point for cheap or a single channel N for a little more.

As for router get something full gig, same with any switches.

PFSense router with a couple of Intel NICs, a netgear gigabit switch and a Ubiquiti access point.

As just a basic, single-sentence summary of what I'd recommend. Obviously it would shrink or expand depending on what you actually need it to do and how far you need it to reach.

I don't think OP has done a site survey.

If this is for a company of 50+ people, I assume you've got some sort of budget you're working with. I would not do a custom PFSense box in a corporate/enterprise environment for two reasons. 1. If the guy replacing you doesn't know how to configure PFSense, then your company will not be happy. 2. Support. Support. Support. You will pay more to get more. With something like a Cisco router, assuming you actually want a router and not a firewall to close your circuit, you will get support so if the box breaks (which I have seen happen), then you'll get a replacement for no extra charge.
If you're trying to get your users to the internet on this network and don't have a second site that you need to connect to, just cut off your network with a SonicWall. For APs, go with Aero Hives.

Still, if you buy an Pre Made PFsense box you can get the support. And still for the prise you save building your own PFsense box, you can buy an second one. And if you keep an up to date config available at all time, and both boxen at the same version, you can be up again pritty quick. Or you can deploy them in Fail Over for the price of one "Business" router with support.

if you can afford it i would get 2 routers and set them up in a redundantly so if one goes down the other will switch over immediately. since this is a business setting, downtime=loss. this way you can also do maintenance and upgrades to one without the internet going down. and if one of them dies on you, you dont have to immediately drop everything and go buy another. you can come in the next day and send for a new one.

In a home environment, sure. With most enterprises you'll need approval for new equipment well in advance of its actual purchase. PFsense premade boxes are only 1 year of 12x5 support, which for most companies will not do the trick.

The boxes are cheap enough to have a spare on hand in case of hardware failure. Still way cheaper than Cisco gear.