New Rig, Input needed

I have recently put together a rig in a $3000 price range and I have not quite hit the 3000 dollar cap yet but I still think some changed might need to be made. I am confident in what I have picked out so far to be what I wnat as I said some things mgiht still be changed. But the question is concerning the power supply and the motherboard. Do I need more or less wattage and is their any motherboard that I should check out that would be woth it. 

CPU - Intel Core i7 3930k six core

Cooler - Noctua NH-D14

Mobo - Gigabyte GA-Z77X Z3H

RAM - G. Skill Triden X series 16 gb DDR3 2400mhz (2x8)

PSU - Corsair HX series HX1050 


Disk Drive - LG GH24NS90

CASE - Antec Twelve Hundred 

Any help would be great and thanks a lot. Cheers.

  1. Please note that a Z77 board uses the LGA 1155 socket, while an X79 board uses the LGA 2011 board. The 3930K uses the 2011 socket so, yeah...
  2. The hard drive you chosen is not recommended for normal usage as it's intended for enterprise usage.
  3. Where's the video card?

Video Card will be a Asus HD 7970, any hard drive recommendations that is not a SSD and I will take note of the motherboard, thank you.

HD103SJ for the HDD

Thanks I REALLY like the price of that drive and is the power supply suited for the rest of the machine? 

The problem I see with the Antec 1200 would be the graphics card. It might not fit in the case.  I would recommend the Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra Case. Watch the beginning of the video review to see the size of that sucker. It'll fit anything in it.

As long as it's enough power to run the 7970, it's fine. But if you can, try to squeeze out the budget a bit and go with a 80+ gold PSU that's 850W or more. Also, I noticed that you intended to get a 2x8GB memory kit along with the Z77, so replace that wrong CPU with the i5 3570K or the i7 3770K.

2. That hard drive is fine. Enterprise usage just means the drive has a longer lifetime than consumer drives.

I value the CPU over the motherboard so I already switched that out to a Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3 and I have also configured the RAM accordingly and as for the case that Rosewill is a monster and I really don't have the room for it but I will see if I can find somethig more spacious then the current Antec.


The PSU might be a bit overkill but it's not bad you've got some extra headroom.
I think even an 850w would power this rig without a prob. 

I believe a 750w psu would be enough. The 7970 only requires 500w minimum. Correct me if I'm wrong about the psu and explain how that wouldnt be enough to powere this sytem. Hey you can't learn without asking questions :)

I dunno, I really like the corsair 650d, Very clean look and its freaking huge!