New rig incoming in a few months


I finnaly gonna make a whole new rig and i have a little idea of what i'm going to buy. But of cours i wanted to ask first the great Tek Syndicate community to make the right chose. I want to game a lot at 1440p everything maxed out and alsow video stuff. All those things with a 1600 $ budget. This is what i'm going to get
-i5 4960k
-z97 asus motherboard
-8gb of ram
-hyper 212 evo from cooler master
-r9 290x (r9 390 if it comes out first)
-2T of storage
-fractal design arc midi 2
-750 watt or less if needed
-Windows 7
-And a 1440p monitor

Thanks already for your fast replies

Looks good to me, with a $1600 budget you should include an SSD.

yeah i know but in my country they are really less cheap then in US. So maybe latter but thanks for your opinion.

sounds pretty boring.

ok and why is it borring sir?

well let me ask you this, what makes it exciting?

Because it is my first real gaming rig for myself only so yeah i'm just fucking excited. If you don't think so, why are you on this topic.

because this is a free county and im free to voice my opinion.

you say SSD's arn't a good price but what about M.2? Your motherboard should come with a slot for it, and maybe those would be better priced (just a guess though). And depending on what games you want to play you might not max it out. But this is a solid build IMO, and since you're getting an OC'ing CPU, you should expect to get it as high as 4.5 GHz on air. Should be pretty good, also don't forget to pick up some more case fans.

I take it the monitor is included in the budget?

By video stuff did you mean video rendering? In that case did ya already consider overclocking an 8350?

Also generally speaking the 290x isn't worth it over a 290, unless the price difference has changed.

Oh, so that's why the budget was $1600 for that hardware. I can't be much help then, don't know about other markets.

i know dud i don't want to make a debat on freedom but i just don't understand your comment. I know the meaning but why here is just a little weard but yeah do what you want that's not a problem.

for the ssd's the thing is that were i live they increas and decreas when they want so i might wait before i consider buying. Right now i think they are overpriced so maybe after 8 months it would be good again. Not every game is gonna be at his max settings but most of them would be nice. Maybe the r9 390 could do it (hopfully). Changing the case fans that is on my list of things to do.

Alright sounds good, but trust me. Investing in an SSD is the best decision you could ever make. Even just a cheap 120GB one for use as a boot drive. Thats what I do, and have 6TB for my games and memes.

so first yes the monitor is included.
second, yes and i don't want to because i prefer the 4690k (personnal preference, no fanboy :) )
It has like 80$ difference i think so maybe the 290 will be enough but i still have the upcoming 390 in mind.

Yeah m8 thats totally sure i'm gonna buy one. The 240 gig version should be exactly what i need. But really thank you for your replies i think i'm gonna no life for months with my new gaming rig. Seriously i'm gratefull.

So then get the 290 and throw in the rest towards an SSD? There's only like a 10% difference between it and the X anyways.

Although personally, I can live without an SSD, though I've only tried budget oriented ones, they weren't much faster than my hard drive.

But if your hard drives run like hell then it is normal that you can't see the difference. I'm not a pc veteran but i'm just guessing by your opinion. Thanks for your help anyway.