New Rig I just bought!

This is pretty much the build I got. I spent about $1800 because I went to Fry's, which is obviously a little more expensive than if I had bought it online, but I got a 3 year warranty on all of the parts. Also, they assembled it for free (even though I would have preferred to assemble it myself). Overall, I think I got a pretty good deal on everything. What do you guys think? The rig is for gaming as well as software development and stuff.

Also, I'm looking into buying a keyboard if anyone has any suggestions then please tell me! I was thinking maybe something from coolermaster or even corsair.

Do you like loud an clicky(blue) or softer and quieter(red)?

I prefer clickier keyboards. does make nice keyboards if you want it more custom.

Otherwise check out companies like:
CM Storm [Cooler Master -> Same factory as Ducky and Filco = awesome]

And for clicky keyboards you should definitively go with blues as they are as clicky as it gets ^^

Great rig! I put together a very similar one, not too long ago. 3770k, Maximus V Formula, 16GB 2400mHz memory, 680 4GB. Ivy Bridge has some great potential - hopefully you got a good chip. That Mpower will take it far :)

As for keyboards, I am loving my MX Blues. So clicky!  I would go with a Filco TKL, Cooler Master Quick Fire Stealth, or Ducky Shine II.

I've been trying to get an answer, can you use 1.65v ram with ivy bridge?

Yes. I run 16GB (2x8GB sticks) of G.SKILL Trident X 2400mHz CL10 1.65 V RAM on my Ivy Bridge setup. There should be zero issues if you have a nice motherboard, which you definitely do.

Nice build man, but have you thought about putting the timings down instead? If you can get the timings lower, its faster and uses less power than overclocking the ram. But either way, you will be good.

Logitech has the new mechanical boards out. They are pretty nice. I like the G510 for the screen and the backlighting... The screen is nice if you like to monitor temps, framerates and etc.

Also, try turning off the paging file if you are running windows. I am running 16 gigs on my system and I never reach close to my limit. You get a small boost in performance with filing page off. Granted its a small boost, but if you can do it, then why not.

hey look at me im rich and i want you all to know about it.

He is simply sharing his computer, and asking how he did. Don't be a dick about it just because he can afford to build a nice computer.

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well he didnt have to mention how much he spent... only one reason for that. to show off. im tired of it.

A bit overpriced. Could of gotten a bit more in for $1800.

Nice rig, but you probably could have gotten a little better for $1800. I really don't like the motherboard either.

You have to take into account that I got a 3 year warranty for all of the parts as well. If something fails, all I have to do is take it to the store and they'll give me a new one. 

It was obviously a big purchase for them and they are excited and wanted to share on a forum of like minded people. Don't be a pouty pants. You will get your fancy expensive computer too some day.

I bet most of the manufacturer warranties are 3 years or more anyway, lol. I guess it is a bit more convenient just to take it back to the store and get a replacement, but you have to keep in mind that Fry's usually has a fairly limited selection when it comes to computer parts. They probably won't even be selling the same parts in 3 years, so they'll probably either give you something "comparable" that may not even be compatible with the rest of your machine at that point, or they'll just give you something that is compatible but is just a leftover part that didn't sell very well.

For what its worth, I like the motherboard. Get to overclocking! :D