New rig build advice?

Hey guys just loking for a Motherboard for an FX4300 AMD, I am looking at 970 chipset for cost and would a 970 withstand an overclock up to 4.5ghz? I am interested in the AsRock 970 Fatality Performance. What other options are there cokpared to the AsRock. Any advice would be great

Do you already have the 4300? Also what's your budget and what all do you need?

You already have a rig with a 4300?

You should probably just save your money man, unless your motherboard is broken or something.

what is your budget for a rig?
And what are you gonne use it for?

Already have the chip? If so the msi 970 krait and Asus m5a97 line are good choices, don't have the chip and really can't splurge/want to stay am3+? Then go with a 6300 or 8300, want to just stay AMD? Then go fm2+ with an 860k. Care to go in Intel/can afford Intel? Then go with a an i5 and and appropriate board. Would consider Intel and are are afraid it will cost an arm and a leg? It's only about $100 USA more but go with a locked i5 and an H81 or for slightly more but with more sata3 and USB 3 B85. There you are with no favoritism or bashing. I can't recommend an i3 or G3258 though, not for more than Web browsing.

Already have the 4300 and got a NZXT s340 case. I live in the uk and couldn't get a deal on the 6300 at the time although that will be the future plan, the remaining budget ia about £350 after CPU n case, I'm looking at 8gb of HyperX ram, Cooler Master hyper evo 212, 1tb Seagate or Western digital and a XFX 500W PSU with a 750ti gpu. Unless somebody can build better with £350 any improvememts will be welcomed. It's going to be built for basic gaming, some Train sims, RTS, maybe a few others but the idea was a rig I could upgrade bit by bit :)

You could try something like this, if you have any questions and/or concerns feel free to ask.

The Build:

That is much apprictiated but I need a mobo with usb up front as the case has 2 USB 3.0 on the front. I am sacrificing a bit of GPU cost to compensate a better mobo. I will give it a play around though and what would be a good mobo for overclocking up to 4.5ghz?

Does anybody have any experience the asrock 990fx Extreme 3?

To upgrade from 970A to 990FX is a bit of a stretch only to get USB 3.0 in front. You can use your front usb 3.0 ports with an adapter (2.0 header to 3.0 header). If you need USB 3.0 handy you probably should get USB 3.0 extensions.

Basically anything to save budget for the GPU. The 380 will be a huge step up from the 750ti.

But the mobo wil be something I have to look at... I know the MSI Krait 970 has USB 3 and I believe the fatality 970 has too but I'm unsure about the gpu because I doubt I will be playing games with a high demand for good graphics, or is it always be prepared in case I do decide?

In terms of power it's always a: You never know. Plus the newer generation of card may have features you might need in the future for some stuff to even run (I had a game that wasn't running back in the day because I did not have shader model 1.1 or something). A newer supported DIrectX Version would be nice. I had the choice between the HD6870 and the HD7770 back in the day. I choose the 6870 with the result that I was missing out on the mixed-resolution eyefinity feature.

I am not beyond reason as saving on the GPU goes. But front usb 3.0 is not something I would recommend as the only reason to upgrade to 990FX. (Since I have two USB 3.0 extension cables routed to the place where I actually need them). The price difference between 970A and 990FX is somewhere at 30-50€ that is too much for USB 3.0 in my opinion. And 30€-50€ more for the GPU at the 750ti pricepoint is loads.