New Ram?

I need help thinking of a ram upgrade. First of all I want really fast ram, I currently have 16 gb of ram but I just want an upgrade. I just want suggestions on fast affordable ram. I also want to know what I need to do after I put the ram sticks in, is there anything I will need to install or will I just put it in and be good to go?

Ok before you go spending any money, lets talk here a second and figure out your needs.

Why do you need more ram? What kind of applications do you run? 

What kind of ram do you current have, you mentioned you have 16 GB, DDR3? 1600MHz?

What are you expecting from performing an upgrade to, say, 32 GB?

What CPU (if a gaming pc what GPU) do you have? 

What kind of hard drives do you have?

16GB is plenty of capacity. I can't imagine there are any games or applications that would warrant a faster speed. Higher clocked RAM will have a higher latency, which negates much of any performance difference.

Without knowing more, I'd say you shouldn't upgrade.

If you do decide to upgrade, you can simply place the RAM in the slots, and set the XMP profile in the BIOS. The XMP will adjust the RAM to any specified timings.

Yeah 16GB is plenty for all games and anything but the most serious video editing and multitasking. 32GB is excessive. i have 32GB in my rig and usage has never gone above 16GB but i got it for free so why the hell not. Check your RAM usage though.

RAM speed, especially for gaming, really doesn't matter so don't blow your money getting 2400Mhz RAM. 

Yes you just insert the sticks and it will work. Just be sure your motherboard can support that much RAM per DIMM. 

That being said you most likely won't notice the extra RAM at all. An SSD, if you don't already have one, will be a better and more noticeable investment than 32GB of RAM.

Alright, thanks. I guess I will just stick to what I've got :p

Guys, I was trying to convince him to buy an SSD instead--- you scared him away!! lol

Der Krieger suggested an SSD. OP's gonna sleep on it and come back, I'm sure!