New Radeon Cards and Ebay

I'm extremely mad right now because I just want to buy a R9 280x to play some games. I can't though because everybody buys them as soon as they come back in stock. The problem isn't just the mining though, it's the fact people are willing to pay dumb amounts of money for these cards to mind. So people buy them as soon as they're in stock and then go right off and sell them on ebay. They probably make the ebay post for the card before they even get it in the mail. Does anyone else think they should do something about things like this? On a side note people did the same thing with PAX East tickets. I went on to buy some and they were all gone of the first day of sale. Guess where they all were? TONS of them were on ebay even on the first damn day. EBAY PLEASE STAHP! 

How do you expect ebay to know the difference between someone selling off their 280X because they don't need it anymore and someone selling their crate of 280Xs at high markups because they're in demand?

Do you want a rule saying you can't charge more than you paid for something?

Don't you know how to report a listing?

Having the same problem; my plan for my computer that I'm building was to buy a R9 280X, but they're out of stock everywhere :P

Don't get me wrong I'm not mad, just amazed at how much demand there is for them :)

I hope I can get one before Christmas because my motherboard doesn't have any build-in video memory...

I'm sure glad I caught on when I did. A few hours after I made my order every one started going out of stock, price gouging began, and this was just two weeks ago.. Looks like the madness continues still.

Make a bot to order it for you when it is in stock like the ebay guys do. You just set it and forget it.

Having the same problem. Newegg is selling most of them at $420, and I've seen some on amazon for $800. Most of the sites I've seen have more backorders than whats coming in... Just wanted to get that card to check out mantle and play games.

just wait for the R9 290X Poseidon edition.... it will go on sale in the next week or two.

gy 770 comes with 3 games. you can also grab a 290 with nonreference cooler when they come out.