New radeon 7790 coming out?

So what do you guys think about the new radeon 7790 coming out? Do you think it will be better than a 7850?

It can probably beat a 7850 when its OC'd 7790 vs stock 7850. And it's the first taste of the new architecture from the Sea Islands lineup. Once there is more data, we will find out ;)

I am interested. Might get one. Dunno tho.

It looks like from what AMD is saying a direct competitor against the 650ti.  I would hope it runs faster than the 650ti and poss the 660 when OC'd but I'd def buy it since I'm a cheap person.

Maybe it's going to fill in just between a HD7770 and HD7850. Performance like a HD6870 but with newer architecture.

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But dude... It's like $160 or something. Kinda expensive for something that's supposed to be slower than a 7850..

I think if it comes in around $150 dollars is already rather fast and good overclocking capabilities it probably will be able to take over the 7850 but i guess were gonna just have to wait and see.