New QUIETer Fans

Hey I'm looking to upgrade my current fans (intake, outtake, and HSF). I'm going to need a 120mm intake and 92mm exhaust, because that's all that my [url=]case[/url] supports. As for the heatsink, idk yet, but a hyper 212 is too large. There's approximately 152mm clearance between the cpu and the side panel. I already tried Cooler Master's TX3 92mm fan cpu cooler and that thing was WAAY loud, like a lawn mower. Right now I'm looking at Zalman's stuff and their  [url=]CNPS9500A[/url] seems like a good cooler. I also saw that [url=]Cooler Master's Sickleflows[/url] were cheap and moved quite a bit of air... are they too loud though? I had originally wanted blue LED fans because that's what I have right now, but I'd rather have less noise if I had to choose between the two. Any help would be appreciated!

Those two brands are very good for "silent" pc cooling. Bequiet are super nice fans, but can be a bit pricey (and hard to find).

Yeah I've heard of noctuas. They seem to be some of the best.  I guess I'll have to dig a little deeper into my wallet and go with those for the case fans. Now I guess I just have to find a suitable CPU cooler.