New question! Kind of worried

Does anyone know if the PSU in Rosewill cases are good enough to last a few months? I was reading around on the internet and apparently cheap power supplies can be fire hazards.

This is the case>>>


Hey guys,

This is the build that i'm going with. I'm planning on upgrading the processor/ram/psu at a later date.

Will this be a good light gaming rig for a few months?


Will the graphics card fit okay on such a small board?


Thanks in advance!

Yeah that'll work fine. 

parts ordered!!

I changed a few things. I'm kind of nervous, i've only ever done upgrades, never a whole pc build. If someone could confirm that these will work, I would greatly appreciate it! (Am I missing anything besides a CD drive)

MSI H61M-E33(W8),

Intel Pentium G860,

Radeon HD 7770 GHZ 1GB DDR5,

Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB PC3-12800 240-Pin DDR3,

Startech 95mm CPU cooler socket LGA 1156/1155,

Western Digital 250GB 3.5 Inch Sata III,

Rosewill Ultra High Gloss Finished MicroATX with 400W 2.2 12V power supply

Yep, that'll work. Building is easy, if you run into trouble, just post it here.

Thanks!! I'm pretty excited about it! xD