New PSU , help pls :)

- i currently own the Recom Pro Engine A600 PSU at 600W :

- with it i am running a AMD FX8350 on CROSSHAIR V FORMULA with EAH5850 DirectCU TOP/2DIS/1GD5 and 8GB GEIL DDR3 RAM under WIN7X64 on an SSD Corsair CSSD-F80GBP2 inside the CoolerMaster HAF-X case.

- i will buy an R9 290X (perhaps an ASUS MATRIX version of the board as soon as it is available) to replace my EAH5850 video card.... so i think i need to upgrade the PSU :)


is this one a good PSU :  , any other recommendations ?


Thank you !

You don't need to upgrade that PSU, it has enough watts and the right connectors. With a 1000w PSU you could probably run three of those cards in a 3 way crossfire.

well the problem with his current psu, is that this psu contains four 12V rails with each low ampérage. i would personaly advice to indeed upgrade that psu but, that Cooler master 1000W is realy overkill and rediculous. you won´t need that amount of power for a single gpu setup. 650W decent psu with a single 12V rail is more then enough. if you want the abillity for a CF R9-290X then i would recommend to go arround 850W like XFX 850W 80+ gold. but for just a single gpu you would be fine with a decent 650W.

Good brands Corsair RM650 RM750 RM850 (for CF) also the  cheaper corsair HX series are totaly fine. Also good choices are the XFX pro series. 750 and  850W 80+ golds. i think you will be fine getting one of those, because the XFX are on a nice price point.

cool , thank you.

i really want my ASUS R9 290X MATRIX edition :) or the DIRECT CU2 even :) with a closed loop liquid cooling for very low temp and very low noise !

well even wenn this psu XFX 850W 80+ gold full modular. is a bit overkill for your plane´s, in my opinnion its a on a great price $125 after mir.

The little brother the 750W is on sale for $95 after mir.