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New profile feature browser,location, OS


I noticed this extra information within the profile.
What purpose does this serve ? I know my OS, I know my location and i know what browser i use. Perhaps, if my location is way out then i could wonder if my connection was routed incorrectly… perhaps. No biggy TBH.

is it that Discourse just keeps adding new features like the google login thing ?

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There is no conspiracy, details about your system and your location has been an optional option to share for years on this forum. It’s all optional and there is no need to get your nickers in a twist about it.



im not. perhaps i never noticed it before. what feature are you talking about ?

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Are you talking about what’s under “preferences”.

I believe that came from the new update.

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Yes i am.

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Where is the option to disable it as @DeltaTech said ?

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Let me check the discourse documentation

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It shows you the current sessions so that you can see whether somebody unauthorized is logged into your account. You can also revoke sessions from there in case you have forgotten to log out on another PC.

Why would you want to disable that?



I wouldn’t necessarily but deltatech said it was possible.
I guess it’s just a trend now to include this. Was surprised to see it.

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Yeah, I’ve seen it in several other applications / websites recently. I think it’s a good idea.

Since it’s not actually in your profile nobody but you can see it.



Cool .

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“Recently used devices” allows you to see whats sessions and devices have been logged in or are logged in on your profile.

Means if it was ever compromised or you thought it might be you can check if unknown devices were logged in on your profile.

disabling it (you cant as far as im aware) if you were able to would just hide the information from you, the info was always there as far as im aware.

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Thanks @pFtpr answered the same. Seems like a good feature.
Not sure what @DeltaTech was getting in a twist about.

Most decent email seems to do the same now.

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This is used in the “active logins” section, so that you can see if there’s a login you don’t recognize.

For example:

(not sure why it says “Ramona” because I’m definitely not in Ramona.

I can choose to log out a browser session I haven’t used in a while, or tell discourse that a certain login fingerprint is not me.




You not only answered the question, but provided images and a guide.

You live upto your name @sgtawesomesauce :+1:



Glad I could help.

maybe we should add this to @Eden’s forum guide.



Could we at least group hug first ?



Only if you don’t have cooties.

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i may have cooties.

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Hard pass then.