New Phone?

I have the Droid Razr and had ups and downs with it. Had it running Cyanogenmod 4.2.2 and updated do their 4.3.1 and its really crappy. Since i can now upgrade what should i get? I need a long battery but i can't decide between Iphone or Note 3.


Well what OS do you like more? If iOS then go with the iPhone if you like android more go for the Note 3. I enjoy stock android, so I suggest the Nexus 5. I currently own a Moto G that is running near stock android, if you are looking to not spend much money its a very good phone for the money, If you want something more Powerful choose the Note 3.

The LG G2 is the phone with the longest/one of the longest battery life on the market... It surpasses the iPhone battery life, and its just overall better. 

The *brand-new* Sony Xperia Z2 seems interesting. Look it up!

I like android (stock) the best but i Verizon so i cant get the Nexus 5 :(. I like the G2 and note 3


If I were you I'd wait a bit more, next wave of flagship devices are on their way. Nexus 5 is a horsepower beast with a bit too little battery life :s so if you come from the RAZR you may miss that.