New Phone, Pricerange


I am going to buy a new phone soon for aprox 360 euro.

I would wanna ask what you guys would do?

I am thinking of a Samsung Galaxy S2, even tho its a older model it still beats most other phones with Quality and being Fast. also overclockable to 1.6 or 1.8ghz if i am correct.

I would like a good camera and 4 inch phone atleast.

Also must be a phone that gets updated to the more recent versions.)(Thats also why i think to go with the S2, they always update it ^^)

And being fast isnt a crime ^^

This is a pricewatch website, Most mobiles are there with the lowest prices they can spot,
Thats why i give you guys that link since they have all phones that are there in Belgium ^^

Anyhow thanks !

Best regards,

I would say have a look at the LG Optimus 4X HD.


Well i heard it was pretty cheap looking, And not a great camera and simulair scores on benching as the Galaxy S2?

I also thought about that one


Also does LG update there devices ? with new andriod versions


Well thats one of the things i would like to have,  updated phone, so i dont have a outdated device after a month lol,


I hope they do, Due i rly thinking to maybe get that, In belgium its aprox 350 euro, So in my price range, And it is alot better then the S2.

So yes the S2 is probably a Nono due the LG one now, But still i have some doubts due the update thing :/

Well you can always root the thing and put a rom on it with the latest version of android. I suppose xda must have a support section for this model: here it is.

Ah, I thought they did not have Roms for future andriod versions,

And if they had that it was buggy? :P


Well if thats true and it can work with roms and can get updated that way its a positive sign ^^



Been thinking for the S3 perhaps, But thats of course 100 euro more expensive,

But they atleast have quality, Good camera, Roms, Overclockable, They atleast update there devices.


Argh doubts :/

You could get the S3 for around 380 euros here in sweden, even though electronis are expensive here in general. I bought a used S3 for 300 euros, which is something i would recommend to look into. Also, i upgraded from S2 to S3 and must say, it beats the S2 in all sorts of ways. The hardware is just newer and of better quality. The UI-speed of course is somewhat better, but mainly i find the details better. Stuff like the read/write speed to internal memory, sound quality (wolfson chip i believe), gps, battery. And then there's what you said of course, about the camera and roms, which is definitely true. The camera is just amazing in speed. With the S2 it alwasy felt like the the phone struggled with everything related to the camera, like it was such a chore. With the S3 its... well, you have to see it!  

Well i doubt i can buy one from sweden and use it here,

Else it would be worth it i guess, 300 euro lol, its here 500euro,

And S2 is 350 :P

Well a second hand S3 is sold for about your budget in the 'Vraag & Aanbod' section of the site you posted earlier.

if you can squeeze for the s3, id definitely go for it. Such a good phone. 

Well i think i might go for a new S3, Since most second handed are only 100 bucks less, and have something wrong with em as a cracked screen as example.

Well i would go for LG if they updated and unlocked the bootloader, But i doubt they will get 4.2 if 4.1 is alr such a hassle,


S3 if sure for like 2 years of updates, And it has alot of roms, cases, better camera, better brand/quality in global..

Some doubts still, but i guess i will have to squeeze some euros more :P

Still have such doubts,

I have heard great things about the LG for its price,


But at the other hand i think maybe the S3 is worth the 100e,

Roms, Camera, Lill faster, Amoled, more cases etc..

And Samsung will update a lill longer.

HTC Desire X is EUR ~250 on, spec:

HTC One S is EUR ~380 on, spec:

i think it will be a S3,

If anyone knows a good case and screenprotector send me a link ^^


Not totaly sure yet, but probably S3.

S3 is a good choice IMO. Only thing I never liked about the Samsung phones was the TouchWiz skin (obviously personal choice) - nothing rooting and flashing AOKP/AOSP or CM can't fix :)

Well its LG optimus 4X hd or S3.

Will depend on how much i get on an ebay auction i guess,


I guess both of em are good phones.

i personally have the samsung galaxy s2 x avaliable in canada and the usa but i am sure you can get it were you are. its about just right under the s3 and has a 4.62 inch display as well as a dual core 1.5ghz proccessor. i have recently used aokp to update from 4. to 4.1 jelly bean huge improvement the code name is hercules i dont understand it but oh well i got mine for around 150 dollars from koodo 

No they arent here. :(

sorry man then your best off with a nexus device they will always be up to date