New PC3-12800 ecc ram in an old PC3-10600 ecc motherboard

I'm looking at buying a cheap, older used computer to set up as a server so that I can learn about setting up servers before I do my real server build.

I plan to buy 3 new WD Red hard drives and new RAM to use with the old computer, and then transfer to the real server build when the time comes.

If I buy PC3-12800 (1600mhz) ecc ram, could I use it in the older computer in place of the 4gb of PC3-10600 (1333mhz) ecc ram? The motherboard and cpu are 64bit and ecc compatilble.

Yes you can but why would you? There isn't going to be a tangible improvement unless your adding more ram. If your getting 8gb's total, then just add a 1333mhz stick of 4gb. I your going for 16gb's(+) then its another matter.

Thanks for the answer.

The purpose is to add more ram, and I would rather not buy 1333mhz since I want it to be compatible with the real server build I do later and 1600mhz appears to be the standard for newer motherboards.