New Pc

Ive been wanting to build myself a new pc for 1500 dollars that can handle gaming but ive really been debating on going with an i7 4770k or fx 9370 because i do have to save money as all i have in case no mouse no monitor no nothen. Which cpu is better or has a better punch for its money?

Every time someone asks me about a CPU I compare it to something I know or the other suggestion they offer with that.

Regardless unless you plan to overclock don't even consider the 4770k over the 4770 (without the k). The k just means it's unlocked so you can manually overclock it.

If you're trying to save money and don't already know why you'd buy the Intel over the AMD. Get the AMD.

It is better value for money.

GPU is the center of your build. Don't stress about the CPU too much, unless ur looking at encoding video or running more than one GPU.

Though looking at ur CPU choice, right off the bat, id avoid buying something with a TDP of 220watts. You have to spend hefty cash on cooling a part like that, which you dont need.

imo get an i5 over an i7 every time, even though it lacks hyperthreading it performs the exact same on 99% of all tasks since applications can rarely use more than 2 threads/cores