New PC

Ok this is my new PC

Please tell me if this will be Ok for at least 3 years and if it will be good enough to play high end games.

It is for editing and gaming.

Edit: I also want this build to be super quiet, so would the CM Hyper 212 and the Twin Frozrr 7970 be very quiet?

Might want to grab 16GB of ram for editing, and that mobo is kinda weak.

It will be for gaming and editing: 75% gaming and 25% editing but i still want to get the i7 and not the i5 as i would rather spend it on that instead of a better GPU. What do you mean the Mobo is weak? Structure wise or for overclocking? I will doing light overclocking.

Yeah, overclocking wise.

7970 is fine. You got an i7. It is good for edition. However, I would recommend just the i5 for light editing. It is a very capable chip. The money you save can go toward other things.

Better cooler/ stronger mobo. That wireless card won't be up to the job. That's entry level, for browsing, not gaming.

I can understand if you want to invest in the chip. Get the i7 if you want that. But, I would make other changes, perhaps.

I have a worse wifi card in my current PC and it can handle online gaming well. For light overclocking why would i need a better CPU cooler? I might spend extra to get a quieter one though. I think i will go for the i5 as it will save so cash without too much of a performance dip in games. 

If you can recommend a really quiet CPU cooler and a stronger motherboard it will be very helpful.

I have found this Mobo:

Light overclocking, the hyper evo is fine. And it will be quieter than stock. If you're unsatisfied with the hyper evo, you can buy another cooler later. That might be the best idea.

The i7 doesn't really offer any performance gain in gaming. It does make a difference in editing, you can edit with the i5.

Asus motherboards are a good choice, as a general rule of thumb. Gigabyte are good, too.

Could i buy the hyper 212 then buy a noctua fan or a noise blocker pl-2 fan to put on so it can be really quiet? I really want the computer to be as quiet as it can be without giving away a lot of performance.

You can replace the fan, yeah. I think the hyper 212 is relatively quiet. Should be fine.

So this is my final build after switching to the i5. I coudn't find the noise blocker fan so it is not on the parts list.

Looks good!

It's not bad. I'd change the HDD to a Caviar blue 7200rpm. The green drives don't really save any energy. HDD don't use a lot of power. And the blue 7200rpm happens to be cheaper. You will notice that there are two 1tb blue drives on PCpartpicker. One has 32mb cache, the other has 64. The 64 is cheaper. About £50.

Are you happy about not having SLI support?

This motherboard has SLI. I don't know if that interests you?

Ignore that. The PSU couldn't handle two cards. I figured if you wanted to invest in the platform, that might have been a smart thing.

I would suggest getting higher frequency, low CAS RAM. That should help with editing. Even if it is 1866 C9.

Other than that, I hope you're happy with it.

Yea i am not too bothered about SLI because i will just sell my old card and buy the new one.

I will switch it too the WD Blue and i will get the other ram. 

Thanks for all your help and i will enjoy this ultra quiet beast of a PC for a long time. 

Now for a name :)))

Yeah, a single up-to-date card is all you need for 1080p. Some people do not realise.

Does your PC have a theme? I mean, you want it quiet. So it could be Silent Beast. I do not think that is a good name, but it shows my method.

I would recommened this instead 

Get a xigmatek dark knight instead of the cooler i picked. If you care about how pretty it looks. 

I would personally go with Nvidia if you're really wanting editing because of it's Cuda cores, find a nice deluxe mobo from ASUS, get watercoolering instead, maybe an H60, and the Corsair Vengeance Case. That would personally be my desicion.

Yeah, I would have recommended a H80i or something similar however it slightly went over his budget. I have a H100i and it was worth the money I payed for both aesthetics and performance. I picked a mobo with 4 slots so he could also upgrade to 16gbs in the future. 

Water cooling is defientley worth going over budget for, it makes up for it in the long run, I couldn't afford it at the time of my build so I'm sticking with stock cooler until I can afford it. Also yes, 16GB of RAM spread over four slots will make for better cooling then 2x8GB.