New Pc

Hello, I was planning to buy an build a 600$ computer,but then a friend said he'Markell me his and I just want to know if its worth the 500$ he wants me to buy it for? Here are the specs: gigabyte 67-uh motherboard 
swift tech dual 120 top mounted radiator 
swift tech single rear mounted radiator 
radeon 6950 graphic card 
i7 2600k sandy bridge unlocked 
500gb hdd 
swift tech cpu cooler 
swift tech pump 
swift tech reservoir 
1200 watt power supply 
corasir 500r black case

Thanks, Brenden

Take it.

buy it now! 

Pretty good deal for $500.

As long as everything isn't fried and you can trust your friend... buy it now.

if it works buy it, make sure you see a GPU-z and CPU-z being ran on it

Okay! Thank you all, before I purchase it I will make sure to run CPU z and gpu z.


One more question, what do I check for when I run CPU z and gpu z?

To be sure those are the parts in the system that he told you were in there! xD

Oh, haha that was pretty obvious I thought it was for something else! Haha