New PC

This is the PC I am ordering please leave feedback on it any parts I could change ect.


This will be for gaming (DayZ, Arma2, Battlefield 3, Metro 2033, and a few others) and also editing and livestreaming and recording this gameplay.

Looks good to me, but you probably don't need a 1050 watt power supply. Even with two graphics cards in that system, you would probably be fine with a 750 or 850 watt psu.

The 1050 will also be for upgrades (more fans, HDD.SSD,2 way or even 3 way SLI) and also for OC and I might make a full water cooling loop And the extra power is always usefull. :D

If you won't do a whole lot of editing and rendering I would get the i5 3570k because there's not a big fps difference between the two and it's cheaper.The sound card i would get an ASUS one just because i know its a good quality in sound and for the os, just get windows 7. Win 8 sucks. I have a ton of cd keys for both so if you want one just tell me. 

I will be doing a lot of editing on this PC "sony vegas, adobe after effects" and I would like the hyper threading for livestreaming to get all the FPS I can with out getting a dedicated capturecard and Win8 is something that I personaly am likeing a lot but that is just me and a key would be awesome it would save me money to put in to the PC for soemthing better like a NZXT watercooler or something maybe even enough for a GTX 680.

Just updated and got the 680 dual fan by EVGA and it came out cheaper than what i had planed it to.