New Pc

I finally got the wifes permission to build the pc I want any thoughts would be helpfull. This will be the first time I have ever built an intel box for myself I have been an amd guy since K6.






gpu x 2 for sli:


Power supply:

I know its cheap but single rail and plenty of wattage....





never tried this before but thought I would try to use this as a cache for my 2TB steam drive.




SSD for OS:



never had a blu-ray burner wanna try one


CPU cooler:

I would really like to leave all the 200mm fans in the case thats why I went with the smaller one

That all looks fantastic, only thing i would change is the power supply. I know everyone says Seasonic, but its true. They make the best power supplies PERIOD. Corsair, XFX, and some Antec, are made from Seasonic. You should get an 850W fully modular power supply from one of those brands. Cooler master makes good ones too now, they have some platinum rated. That case is quite good, bit pricey though. You should also get a standard hard drive, a 1-3TB Seagate is pretty cheap, $80-150, to store all your games and such. The 240gb SSD is good, but with a 30gb mSATA drive, i think a faster 120GB SSD would be fine, something like a Corsair neutron GTX or Samsung 840 Pro. That Gigabyte card is great, but i would get the 3 fan version, it is very quiet and cool.