New PC


so im looking to update my computer, i would like to spend only around $500 but i think i can reuse a lot of my old parts, if i need to replace more or if its really worth it then i might be able to spare some more.

im looking to make it for games like skyrim, arma2 diablo 3, surfing the internet and playing music and a couple DVDs nothing too hard core.

what i have is;

case: cool master Elite 330

processor: 3.00 gigahertz Intel Core2 Duo E8400

mother board: Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H

memory: 2gig DDR2 800 brand is silicon power

graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series

power supply: 550w Fatality

so what im looking at is replacing the proccessor, memory and cooling (which are just a basic CPU fan and a case fan).

im pretty sure the mother board will not support any new proccessors so that will need to be replaced too.

i've been looking around at processors and i like the AMD 8350, i hear the i7 3770K is the nearest thing to it by intel but is a little better and $100 dearer and i don't think its worth it for me.

To make room for a cpu Mobo graphics card in the $500 range is tough BUT may I recomend the 3570k as it is just $10 more than the 2500k as for a motherboard will do good and for a gpu will do as for ram well just get some muskin redline

:) hope that awnsered your questions

i was actualy thinking of keeping the radeon 4800 for a couple more years it seams to handle skyrim and Arma2 quite well on mid to high setting although with a fair cost to performance which i thought the upgrade to the ram and CPU would help compensate.

would you recomend replacing it anyway?

the 8350 is not for gaming.... keep your gpu, psu, and case, get new mobo, i5-3570k, stick with the stock cooler for a while, and 8 gigs of ddr3 will be about $30-40. i'm assuming your on win7 64bit too.

im on XP now but i'll be upgrading that too.

ok so we have the i5-3570k, the MSI Z77A-G4, and i picked out this from the muskin redline range

can someone tell me the difference between a DDR3 2133 and 1866 and so on? lists it as there speed so im guessing the high the number the faster the memory....?

i still need to add to my cooling system as my GPU does occasionally overheat in summer.


can someone please make a quick reply.

all i really need to know is what to look for in memory (or if you could pick one out for me that would work) and a suggestion or comment on a GPU cooler.

i was thinking of getting this;

faster mem isn't going to help an intel.... just get 8 gigs of ddr3 1600

GPU should be fine without a third party cooler

also I recommend an asus board, and don't forget to check for newegg combo deals Cpus and motherboards tend to have the most

so how about this for memory? 

my GPU is overheating and bringing down my system it happened today just before lunch, it gets very hot where i live.

can you tell me why you recommend asus?