New PC won't stay in sleep mode?

I just built a new PC a few weeks ago with the following hardware:


Intel Core i7-4770K

Asus Z87-Pro Motherboard

16GB Kingston HyperX Black DDR3-1333

250GB Samsung EVO 840

4TB Seagate Barracuda

EVGA GTX 780 Ti w/ ACX cooling

Corsair AX860

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit


I don't know if this may have anything to do with it, but I have RAPID Mode enabled through the Samsung Magician software, which lets the SSD use up to 1GB of RAM for caching.


The PC won't stay in sleep mode. I put it into sleep mode and it stays asleep for a few seconds, maybe a minute or two at the most and then it wakes up all by itself again. Any clue on how to resolve this?

Unplug the network cable. If the system stays a sleep you will have to turn off WOL. It can be also caused buy a mouse with high sensitivity or and anti virus program trying to do a scan.

Something is bringing it out of the sleep state - check what background apps/processes may be at fault. Steam, torrenting, something that checks for updates at timed intervals etc.

Also check peripherals.

I turn my computer on with the keyboard or mouse everyday, but my current mouse (Logitech G700) is *incredibly* sensitive - it would wake the computer from sleep every night without fail. To fix, I followed instructions on this link:

Now it works exactly as expected - though I have to turn on computer with keyboard from now on, not the mouse. 1st world problem.