New PC won't POST or display a signal to my monitor

First of my parts list:
Asus strix x370 - F
Ryzen 1600x
ADATA xpg z1 2133(13) pc4 17000
Powercooler Vega 64
Seasonic 750-G power supply
Now onto the issue at hand, the PC will accept power (the GPU and motherboards LEDs come on) when I press the power button and all the fans will spin. But no signal is coming out of the GPU and the DRAM qLED comes on and stays on. No other qLED comes on. I’m thinking that for some reason my RAM isn’t compatible with either Ryzen or my motherboard and all I’ll have to do is buy some new sticks. But I thought id reach out to you people to see if anyone has any ideas.
Tried a single ram stick in every DRAM slot
Checked all the necessary power cables to make sure they’re fully seated
Reinstalled my GPU
Tried to POST with the harddrives unplugged!
This is what qLEDs are for those who don’t know

Have you used a multimeter to check the PSU?

Check here and see if that ram is supported. I dont see any Adata 2133 kits on the list though. Looks like its all 2400.

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Looks like something in the RAM chain of devices it’s not working. It’s either all RAM DIMMs, all the memory slots on the motherboard or the RAM controller on the CPU. My bet is that the CPU might be defective and has a dead RAM controller. Try send that back first.

Did you clear CMOS after each ram slot test?

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I’m thinking that this is the problem, but I wasn’t sure if unsupported RAM would stop the PC dead and cause it to not even finish it’s POST.
I’m hesitant to RMA my motherboard or CPU if the only problem is my RAM dimms because then I’d wait weeks only to find that it wasn’t the part I’d RMA’d that was causing the problem! I’m not ruling out the CPU or motherboard yet but I’m going to try and borrow my friends RAM and see if it’ll reach BIOS.

I did not. Do you think that would do anything?

It should be done after flashing BIOS and when trouble shooting. Always start from a fresh state.

Holy Spirit of Christmas all I had to do was clear the CMOS. Don’t I feel dumbef6


Some of the easiest and simple things are so often overlooked. Don’t feel dumb. The dumb ones do not ask for help and RMA a piece at a time till it one day works…

It is just good to hear you are back up and running…

I feel dumb though, never heard of a Powercooler Vega 64 before… lol, just joking…