New PC. What OS?

I am building a new PC and am wondering about the OS. I don't think I want windows 10. I think I want windows 7. I was just wondering what the thoughts are on what version of windows would be the best. I might go for 8 but I'm not sure. What are some recommendations?

In all reality I would go 10. You get all the goodies of 8 but with the new stuff as well. All you need to do is disable some spying stuff they have on it.

But if you were going to choose between 7 and 8 go 7. By the time Microsoft stops supporting it you will need to upgrade your PC by then.

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Do you want directx 12? If so you need windows 10


You have to run something before the upgrade to windows 10 patch if you're going to run windows 7

Try WinBuntuOSXJellyKitkat ^_^; I am kidding...

seriously though perhaps dual boot windows/linux, just make sure you have the capabilities you want from both.

It seems more and more these days that the only reason anyone will run windows is DX12, but thanks to Vulkan we may reach a point very soon where dependence on any M$ is gone and we might just run linux for all purposes.

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Windows 8.1 + Start is back. You can control the updates and have support until 2023.

EDIT: Oh yeah and remove the telemetry updates listed on this website

If you want your games to look the best and you want all the performance your hardware can give you, you have to take Windows 10. Because of DirectX 12. Usability is probably the same on all Windowses, if you use a decent amount of keyboard shortcuts they operate largely the same.

I personally have not migrated to Win 10 yet. I still use 8.1 but that is partly due to my older hardware. If there is no 8.1 driver for your stuff 8.1 is out of the question. Same goes for 7.

Stuff that would lead me to choose 10 over 8.1:
-The Linux subsystem

My problems with 10:
-Privacy issues
-Driver install themselves automagically
Both of which can probably be resolved but I have not invested any time into researching that yet.

I'm with @gameg33k if you have the disk space, mess around with linux, if you don't, I would take the win 10, they are ending the free upgrades so just get the DX12 and block a shit ton of IPs, then it should be good.

Windows 7 was great, but I'm not happy with the way Microsoft is going, so will probably never upgrade to Win10.

A number of Linux desktop environments are really good. If you simply want office + surfing + email, they're well worth a look.

On the contrary, Logan has complained about his YouTube content creation software (e.g. Creative Suite) not being released on Linux (you could probably get it working through Wine but it's a workaround & some have complained of issues). Although lots of games work natively on Linux (e.g. Alien Isolation, DOTA 2, Team Fortress 2 etc), not every new PC game is released as a Linux package. But the number is increasing :

And you shouldn't bother researching it. It is not worth your time. Microshaft will probably find a way to circumvent and blockades you put it place. It will be never ending battle.

Just keep using 8.1 or learn how to install Windows inside a Linux VM. That will be more rewarding.

This. If you are going to game you are going to want DX12.

Unless the CEO of Microsoft is burned at the steak and bill gates comes out of retirement, I would dual boot windows and linux.

EVERYONE needs to get familiar with linux. Windows is going no where fast and if more and more countries start to come after them, there is going to be hell to pay as the consumer.