New PC, what do you think?

Intel Core i7 Extreme 4829K

ASRock X79 Extreme4

16gb Corsair Vengence Pro Ram 1866Mhz (Red)

240gb Corsair Neutron GTX SSD

2TB WD Black HDD

Modular PSU (undecided between corsair or xfx)

AMD HD 7990 or R9 290x

Corsair Hydro H100i


I haven't chosen a case but preferably it would be corsair and have space for push pull on the h100i. I like the look of the Corsair Graphite 230t but I doubt it would have enough space for the cooling or the HD 7990.

I love it! I did corsair ram, ssd, case, H100, and PSU all high quality parts. Personally I would wait for non-reference coolers for the R9 290x. If the temps drop considerably (like they should) I think it'll be a better card in the long run with drivers, mantle, and you could always go 2-way Crossfire over what we be 4-way with the 7990 (if that's even possible with the card).

Looks like a beast.  Pretty well balanced.  GTX 780 or an R9 290X would be my possible GPU choices due to the nVidia price drop on the 780 and the very decent launch price on the 290X.  For the PSU, many of XFX's PSUs come from Seasonic.  Seasonic is super reliable, and is arguably one of the best PSU makers out there.

My 0.02