New Pc Troubleshooting. BSOD & wont boot up

Hy there.

I havent found the right category to i hope its ok to post here

First the Specs.

Cpu: i7-4790k
Gpu: MSI GTX 980
Ram: Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB
Ssd: Samsung 256GB
Hdd: 1Tb something

MSI Nightblade which contains:
Mainboard: MSI Z97I GAMING AC MicroITX
PowerSupply: 600W Unknown brand
Case: MSI Nightblade

The System ran fine a few days ... Temperatures maxed while Gaming at Cpu 75C Gpu 60C

Today it froze and will only boot until a bluescreen which says "machine check exception"

Then i did what i always do when a machine Fails: Remove everything except the Mainboard the Cpu and the Psu.

But now i wont even get a Powerlight. The fans start Spinning and nothing else happens.

My guess is that the Psu failed ... but why? It is about a week old and there where no signs of failing before .

Can i check a Psu somehow?

Don't cheap out on PSUs... that's like a number one rule of fight club PC building.

I didnt cheap out ... The Nightblade where the psu was included with by Msi did cost 370€ the Mainboard alone costs about 150€... for 220€ i expect msi to include a good Psu

Anyway ... i have ordered a Psu Test Jig ... lets see what it tells me ... + i will check the brand of the psu really quick.

Ah, I see. Didn't realize what case it was.
It's a silverstone PSU.

Silverstone? never heard of that brand before.... is it any good?

Well ... anyway ... i think i have to wait for the postage guy to bring my test jig ... i dont want to risk anycomponents because of a faulty psu ...

ok .... i have found the fault .... the powersupply is broken .... 12V rail is dead