New PC soon. Tips?

I'm coming into a little extra money soon and will finally be able to buy/build a new PC. I have what I want in my head what I'm getting if I build it but as far as pre built PCs go, anyone have any suggestions as to which is the best on the market currently? Just exploring all options.

DO NOT get a prebuilt system if u can give me your budget i could come up for specs but i need to know what u will use it for and wat u need incase u need stuff like monitors and an os


Budget is around 1000. Trying to keep it capped at that. I was just curious about certain sites that you can build your own on and then they assemble it and send it to you. Couple buddies did that and they seem content.

  OK, I think I hear where you are coming from on this. You are looking to say “I want this motherboard, RAM, CPU, and such” then have the shop build your computer for you. This has benefits as well and negatives. First off, you don’t need to worry about a 250.00 motherboard and CPU getting screwed up because you installed them wrong. What happens if you don’t put enough or too much thermal paste on the CPU? These are legitimate questions and fears and in this case the shop build takes all the responsibility of assembly. The negative side, you have not learned anything. This site has lots of videos on computer assembly and more than enough people to help you along the way with your build. Your first build can be a bit daunting but in fact the assembly part is the easiest part of the entire process. I found all the updates the biggest pain to do from the motherboard and graphics card drivers, and of course let’s not forget the OS and the hundred updates you have to install.

  Perhaps if your shop will do it for you get them to install the CPU and aftermarket cooler for you. This solves the damaged pin fear and will still allow you to build your own computer. Let us know how and what you decide to do. Like I said before there are lots of people on this site that genuinely want to help you to succeed.

I have friends close by that can help me build it if I decide to go that route. But yes I was thinking about a site/shop like that and having them install everything before sending it just so I don't have to deal with it. Just extra money -_-