New PC randomly sleeps, is a heavy sleeper

So I recently built an AM1 rig and I've been having a weird issue with it. It just goes into a sleep type mode randomly, seemingly throughout the day as I left it on all night without issue, however my USB hub stays on, and I'm unable to wake it up. My speakers also make a distinctive sound when my cell phone talks to a tower and they make the same sound right after it sleeps.

Any ideas on what the issue is? If its in the wrong place I didn't see a Tek Support section, seems like there should be one.

I have all the settings in windows set to never/off, and a none screen saver, and I'm pretty sure a 25W CPU isn't overheating while web browsing.

Well, the best place for this would likely either be the Other Hardware section, or the Build A PC section.  Tek Support is actually people who donate to the site, not "Technical Support".  A general PC Help sub forum might be a good idea though.

As for your problem, post up all the details of your system (hardware, software, OS etc).  It will help folks better diagnose your issues if they know what components you are working with beyond the basic platform.

Are you sure it's asleep, or is it just not displaying anything?  If that's the case, then it could be a video issue rather than an actual sleep mode.  I'm assuming you're using the onboard graphics since you're running an APU, so that rules out a physical graphics card issue.  So I'd update (or roll back) drivers and whatnot and see if that helps.  You could also try a different monitor, to be sure it's not just your screen konking out.  

If it's not just a video problem, then you can also check you bios, see if there are any hibernation settings that might be overriding the windows settings you can disable.  Could also be a PSU issue.  Tough to say without more to go on.  Check your event log and see what it has to say around the times you encountered this problem.  Could shed some light.


  • Sempron 3850
  • G.Skill Sniper RAM 4GB
  • M500 SSD
  • Seagate 3TB secondary drive(makes my screen flicker for some reason)
  • 20 pin PSU thats pretty old its been working fine for about 2 weeks now. I'd imagine if its not something else that would be the issue,
  • no one else with the motherboard seems to be reporting an issue like mine. I think my computer may be possessed.

And thats about it, When it sleeps the power light flashes on/off and the only way to get past it is to unplug it.

Well, using a 20 pin PSU on a 24 pin motherboard is generally not recommended.  It can cause odd and intermittent behavior especially under stress, due to improper power distribution.  So it may well be your culprit.  I'd suggest getting a proper 24 pin PSU.  Doesn't have to be anything fancy, just something solid and reliable that can handle your power needs (which in your case are fairly low).

I'd still check all the things I mentioned in my previous post though, just to be sure.

Eventually, its working fine now, I think I'll get one of the low power external PSUs and build a compact case for it.