New Pc problems

Hi everyone, i was hoping someone could help me with two problems i am having with the pc i have just built.


1. I can no longer enter the BIOS - holding down delete doesn't work anymore. The last time i was in it I changed the RAM to 1600Mhz that is all. Is there any other way to enter BIOS? Also it is already the latest version of it so I can not try updating.


2. My cpu is saying it is only 10c but it is a AMD 8350 so I think that is wrong, is the sensor broken and can it be fixed?



Yikes.  Rather than holding down the delete key have you tried tap, tap, tapping it?  Also, have you had a bad storm go through your area prior to this malfunction?  I had the same thing with the temp sensor after a power surge.

You can reset your BIOS by either pressing the button (if applicable), shorting out the pins (not recommended) or removing the battery from the motherboard for a few minutes and replacing.

That is, if tapping it as suggested doesn't resolve the issue. You cannot manually fix a broken sensor if that is indeed the issue.

Tapping worked thanks, I feel dumb for not trying that.

In the BIOS it says the CPU is 30c which seems more likely to me so i am unsure why the cpu monitoring software say 10c (I have tried 3 programs too).


Edit: No no storms here.

Right on, don't feel dumb were all human and make mistakes.  As for monitoring software, what are you using, and what Motherboard?

I has to compromise on the motherboard as I was on a deadline to finish the build as I was starting college, I plan to upgrade it in a few months. Anyway it's this Asus one:


The software I have tried is:


CPUID HWmonitor,

AMD Overdrive,

And one other whose name has slipped my mind but it was slow to load up and I deleted it of my system.