New PC Problems

Ok so I am having a problem with my new pc. Sometimes when I turn it on it does not send the info to my screen. The fans come on, the lights in my keyboard and mouse come on, everything gets power but my screen does not get the info. This is only a problem from that was happening about once a week and I did not pay much attention because just restarting the computer usually fixed it. But right now i have restarted about 20 times and nothing is happening. The moniter and vga cable are basically brand new.

If someone could give me some information on what the problem could possibly be I would be very grateful.

Any advice is appreciated, Thank You.

return for refund while you can

which part? this was a custom build

you the builder, then your'e the support tech too.

we will need more info so list the build please?

here is mine as an example


3770k @ 4.49, 1.26volts

evga titan

16gig gskill 1866 @ 2000

corsair c70 vengance

corsair hx850

corsair h110 fans in push intake to create posive pressure (4 intake 1 exhaust)

seems to run as cool as when they were push exhaust


mushkin deluxe 240gb msata for games because port 5 is sata2

mushkin chronos dx 240 gb on port 1 for full sata3 windows 8 with startisback

That cpu voltage is a little low for that overclock. Have you tried increasing it?

wow, im having the same problem. i think it's the video drivers... i not sure tho.