NEW PC Problems

every thing turns on and lights and fans spin but im not getting video on my monitor

are you using a graphics card or a intergrated gpu?

grphics card

what display out put and input are you using?


Is the gpu fans turning on and do you have all of the power cables pluged in correctly


yes and yes

well if you know that your montor works on another computer, then the most likely answer is that you have a bad graphics card


even if the fans on the gpu work then would that still mean its dead everything is starting up just it doesntboot

Yes its most likely the case. My friend bought a new gpu from best buy and it worked for like 3 days and then he couldnt get anyvideo out of it. I even put it into my computer and i didnt get anything either. Somtimes you have this problem with brand new computers, some of the parts dont get tested. If its still new just return it and get a new one.

their are a few other things you could look at but its more than likely that its just a bad card. if you cant even see the motherboard post, and you have eveything pluged in correctly, then all it leaves is the card itself thats at fault.